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Flipping Service Flags


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I haven't tried this yet, but thought it would be worth a post until I can test this...


Rather than flipping scheduled service flags send all calls to a main AA that monitorings three service flags.


The first two are labeled

400 OPEN




The AA Monitors them in this order....


400 sends you to a normal business hours AA 800

401 would send you to a closed business hour AA 801

if neither 400 or 401 are set then 402 sends you to the normal business hours AA 800


Then by allowing an extension to flip 400 or 401 you would affectively be allowing the PBX to be either open or closed whenever you wish...

Could it be this simple? Of course you burn more accounts, and does the new licensing policy (EXTENSION) apply to CS410 to get extra accounts?


Will try this later...

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