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SonicWall 4060,5060 firewalls work with PBXnSIP


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As an update to the wiki (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/SonicWall)


We have succesfully tested SonicWalls latest devices... specifically the PRO 4060 and 5060 with the SonicOS Enhanced... and there are no problems whatsoever... We are able to use the built in SIP support to get snoms and softphones to make perfectly incoming and outgoing calls to each other... It took the technicians about 15 minutes to setup and apparently the latest firmwares resolve all problems mentioned in the wiki...


I cannot say for sure, but apparenlty the smaller TZ series devices with the newer firmwares should work as well - please take that with a pinch of salt until someone can confirm or deny it..



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