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PNP Potential Problems


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The problem and solution to this old topic http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?showtopic=1194


Was the user had a DLINK or LINKSYS firewall router with PNP enabled... for some reason the Linux OS within the CS410 apparently was getting hammered by PNP traffic or something to that affect.


We have a remote CS410 installation and we are seeing a LinkSys SRW business series switch having errors with PNP overload entries in the database. (Gee, if the Switch is seeing these packets, it's likely the CS410 maybe seeing these also)


The LAN switch shows no layer 1/2 errors,


Things I'm going to guess may be happening...


A local windows PC has Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client installed and it may be doing something to the system.


More as I discover and analyze this problem...


I'm starting with http://www.upnp-hacks.org/upnp.html


Disabling PNP has been referenced in other posts and configs are going with TFTP only


More on this as I progress.

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