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Placing internal ext into park orbit causes ext BLF to go away


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PNP Buttons setup:

I have ext's 40, 41, 42, 43 on BLF for 4 SNOM 360's. I have ext's 651, 652, 653, 654 for park orbits.


For example, when I dial ext 42 from ext 41 and answer the page/call, the correct BLF's for 42 and 41 light up (as they should). However, when I place one of the ext's (we'll say 42) into park orbit (on 651), the call parks correctly, the extension that was placed on park (42) hears MOH and the lamp for park orbit extension 651 lights up, but the BLF light for extension 42 that was placed on park orbit goes away. The extension 42 is still actively on a "call", so shouldn't it remain lit? Obviously 41 is not busy at the moment so it should not be lit (and it is not, so that's correct), but 42 should be lit up. It's busy on a call, regardless of whether it is parked or not.


I've noticed this with all prior releases I've used as well.

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