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Cell Phone Integration


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I experience some problems with the DISA system and placing outbound calls.


PBXnSIP correctly recognizes the user?s stored cell phone and answers incoming calls with the DISA menu. After selecting option #1 for placing outbound calls it asks for the pin number. After entering the pin number it asks for the number to be dialed followed by the # key.


So far it works but after entering the wanted outbound number the user keeps getting either way a message saying ?the number could not be found? or ?you are not authorized?.


My question would be if there is any system configuration option that needs to be enabled to allow outbound calls or is it misunderstood that if you call in with your cell phone and selecting option #1 on the DISA menu to be able to call any outbound number that would be possible with the default dial plan?

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I assume the pin was accepted correctly because it would ask for the number you would like to call. If I entered a wrong pin on purpose it would tell me that the pin was invalid and ask for a different extension and pin I would like to use.


But I think I solved the problem by upgrading to version (Win32). The version where I was unable to make outbound calls was version (Win32). So I think that was just a bug in the older pbxctrl.exe version because with the new one it started working today.


Thanks for your input...

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