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Rind MOC and outbound calls via MOC


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I am trying to get communicator functioning completely.

I want communicator to ring when a users extension is dialed as well as allow outbound calls to be made via MOC. For whatever reason I can't seem to get both working at the same time.

Right now outbound calls via MOC are working properly, but communicator does not ring when the extension is dialed.

I also noticed that the feature *00ext doesn't work, it seems to be because of the normalization rules do not like *, how can i modify my rule to allow for the * (for example to call VM *97)


I have the checkbox within the mediation server to allow simultaneous ringing of phones.

I have the proper registration in my account for MOC. +ext@mediation.domain.com;transport=tcp


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks,

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