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snom access to PBX


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I have the snom 320 phone working within the network, I would like to have the ability to use the phone at my home.


I was wondering of anyone has done this and would be kind enough to show me what is needed? I know that there might be some holes to poke open on the firewalls, both home and work. I have the ones open on the work firewall for TCP and UDP 160 and range listed on the snom phone of 45000 to 65534.


could not get it to work from home, I have a smoothwall firewall in place.



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is the pbxnsip server on a public IP address. If the pbxnsip server is on a public IP address then it makes it a lot easier. If the pbxnsip server is on a private and the phone is on a private address then you need to forward the ports on the router which usually can cause a lot of grief if you make a mistake. Another alternative is if you can VPN into the LAN if it is on a private address.

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