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Most clients like to be in control and to accomplish this, we create manual service flags and add them to AA's, HUNTS and more to force calls to take another route.


Example, AA 300 gives the caller three options and may ring 1 or more hunt groups depending on the 1 digit selection...


After hours, or during random times, they may wish that inbound call to go to another AA or to a specified message box...


We preceed the scheduled night service flag entry with the manual service flag and preceed the night action with another action box so that when someone that is authorized to flip the manual flag does so the calls are handled differently.


We also have several manual flags preceeding auto flags....


Assign these flags to buttons on a phone and everyone can see the status and know where the calls are going....


We've added these to Holiday and closed due to weather boxes to put the client in more control, and it has reduced the number of calls we get for "Can it" functions....


Calling in from a remote phone and activating the manual flags is the remaining issue. A reply to another post, said maybe * codes function from a mailbox... I think not....


Cheers -

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