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extention VM as main VM


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Today we had a client calling about using the voicemail of an extention as the main voicemail.

Apparantly they use that after a collegue of mine had given an instruction on how to do that, but sadly he didn't tell us about that.

Because he is out of the office for a while we can't reach him and google didn't return much about this.


The problem the client has is that they can use this 'feature' on all extentions except 1.

When the certain extention is used for it the phone(s) will just keep ringing.

Sofar I only knew about the main voicemail as being an attendent... from what I saw in the PBX.


How do you setup an extention voicemail so it will act as the main voicemail?

That would help me in finding what's different with this one extention or perhaps the phone (Snom300) itself.

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After stalking the collegue the answer was found.


Setup a serviceflag and have the extention (8101 f.e.) mentioned in the serviceflag of the (only, in this case) huntgroup.


And because you can only have 1 extention mentioned in the serviceflag it looks like they adjusted the allocation of extentions in the serviceflag on their own.

Plus it helps if you keep the voicemail on the extention ENABLED. <_<

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