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Version doesn't play mailbox msgs


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I went from version to and now when someone leaves a user a voice mail message and the user goes to listen to it the system won't play the message. The message does get recorded because I can see it in the recordings directory and it does get emailed to the user.


This is what it shows in my log when I try to play/listen to the message:


[6] 2010/03/23 01:50:39: Sending RTP for 3c36d18e4fb0-q92iqzm3dvk7#776b6fae24 to myipaddress:62324

[8] 2010/03/23 01:50:41: Play audio_en/mb_number.wav

[8] 2010/03/23 01:50:42: Play audio_en/bi_1.wav

[8] 2010/03/23 01:50:42: Play recordings/msg221.wav

[8] 2010/03/23 01:50:43: Play audio_en/mb_end_of_message.wav audio_en/mb_to_repeat.wav audio_en/bi_press_4.wav space5 audio_en/mb_to_delete.wav audio_en/bi_press_7.wav space5 audio_en/mb_to_help.wav audio_en/bi_press_0.wav space20

[9] 2010/03/23 01:50:43: SIP Rx tls:myipaddress:57066:



When I try to listen to my message the system plays..."You have 1 new message, message number 1, end of message."


In between the system prompts "message number 1" and "end of message" it should have played my message "msg221.wav" but it didn't. I made sure the "msg221.wav was in the recordings directory and I can manualy play it by copying the file from my Linux box to my Windows desktop and the message plays over Windows.


I tested this with a bunch of different mail boxes and also created new mail boxes in version but I get the same results. Soon as I go back to version it starts working again and the log files look identical.


Am I doing the upgrade properly?


This is how I upgrade from version to


1. Stop the pbx service

2. Rename pbxctrl to pbxctrl-3438

3. Rename pbxctrl-3440 to pbxctrl

4. Make sure the new pbxctrl is 755'd

5. Start the pbx service


Am I missing any steps in the upgrade process?


We really want to use version as it fixes a couple big bugs.



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