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Dial Plan Parameters


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We operate a multidomain environment. We also use a global trunk for all domains. I would like to ask what the correct


parameters in the Replacement Field of a Dial Plan are, in order the PBX to send the information below to the ITSP:


1. The caller’s (extension) domain AND/OR

2. The system’s internal user ID


I have created the following rule:

Pattern: ^(00|\+)([1-9][0-9]*) --> Replacement: sip:\2@\r;user=phone


When I call 00441133508795 for example, the information below is included to the INVITE that the system sends to the ITSP:


“… To: <sip:441133508795@;user=phone> …”, where is the ITSP’s gateway IP address.


Instead, for billing related issues, we need the pbx to send:


“… To: <sip:441133508795@mydomain.com;user=phone> …”, where mydomain.com is the caller’s domain OR


“… To: <sip:441133508795@7175;user=phone> …”, where 7175 is the extension’s system internal ID (not the extension name) in


the PBX.


Thank you very much in advance.

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