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SOAP capabilities


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I am curious about the full functionality of SOAP with pbxnsip. Let's use an example of what I want to do:


A caller rings my 800# and is redirected to an IVR node based on their area code (1)

A repeat caller rings my 800# and is redirected to the extension of the agent who initially took their call (2)

SOAP request is made to my DB to merge customer name with phone number (if no name exists in CID string (3)

Upon transfer, the call values (caller ID, name, etc) are posted to my SQL db in real time, along with IVR session values (4)


This is a small list of the things that I would like to do - can PBXNSIP accomodate this through it's SOAP interface? It seems rather limited, but I don't have the developer manual to use as a reference.



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Unfortunately there is no official SDK or developer manual for SOAP ... most of it has been implemented through a couple of mutual relationships forged between pbxnsip and some software designers early on or just those that knew enough to kind of just figure it out.


see www.solutions11.com as an example ... pbxnsip hotrodded for hosting and enterprise models



if you have specific needs to develop an application you may want to develop some direct dialog with the company.. but honestly you will REALLY want to have a good reason to do so ... since the documentation and support for the SOAP is a bit sparse as of yet it is not a primary focus for the company since the last year has been primarily dedicated to enhancements of the software itself.


If you want to delve into SOAP with the product you will have to be somewhat adept at digging through the XML tables to find the hooks you need ... Obviously , for a fee we can work with anyone interested and get you the information you need to develop any app ..But this cost would most likely produce undesired costs. We feel the software is an excellent choice for our market and have worked hard to bring many impprovements but, fully supported and documented SOAP access isn't exactly our strong point in the market right now ..


hope this helps feel free to contact me to discuss in further detail ..



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