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Incoming Trunk Calls not routing to non-Localhost Domains


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We just converted a PBX that has 3 Domains from 3.X to 4.X.


This PBX has several incoming Trunks loaded in the LOCALHOST domain. Previously we simply routed the calls to the appropriate domain by setting the destination IP address in the M600 (Audiocodes) based on the incoming number.


So for example:


850xxxxxxx (x = valid DID number) is sent to ip address "resortsands" and we have a domain built that = "resortsands"

* (wildcard for all not matched numbers) is sent to ip address (PBXnSIP private IP address)


As stated this works fine in but when we went to all incoming calls are getting a 404 not found. It seems that the PBX is not looking in the resortsands domain for a match even though that is the IP address that is being delivered.


Is there a new datafill or parameter requirement in 4.X that we are missing?

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It runs out that we had to build the trunk as an incoming only trunk in each of the other domains for the calls to be delivered there even though they are routed to that specific domain from the M600 (Audiocodes) directly. This is apparently a change from 3.X.


FYI to all.

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