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Multitech MVP210


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Jorge, did you ever figure this out?

I see no one ever responded.


I have worked with the MVP-210 unit.


It takes a little while to understand how to configure it.

It is however very straight forward.


It was designed from the ground up as an "Off Premisis Extension" adapter for traditional TDM systems that have an available analog station port.

You install one unit at each location and they communicate peer to peer without registering to each other.

Works well if you have a Static Public IP Addresses at each end. Going through routers is a little more difficult.

It has 2 ports that can be individualy configured as FXO or FXS.


There are more flexible gateways out there like AudioCodes and Grandstream.


It has one distinct feature using what they call a "Telephone Book" (I think thats the name).

You could have many of the MVP-210's (or SIP phones) at remote locations and be able to call any of them from the one at the PBX while only using one trunk account.


Its kind of like and intercom system within a PBX of its own.


Considering the price and the learning curve, I would stick with the two others I mentioned earlier unless you have a special need for the MVP-210.


Bill H

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