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Display Value outgoing calls


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We have a problem with the displayed value of the called party when making outgoing calls.


We are using 2011- (Win64) snomONE and snom 870 phones with 8.4.18


When we make an outgoing call to for example 0175150.... the call correctly gets routed to the gateway and the call is made.


However in the display of the phone one often sees the called party displayed incorrectly. Sometimes the name of an internal extension will be displayed - for example "Dect Technik".


I looked through the SIP trace on the phone and can't see where this is coming from - there is no obvious response to the invite which contains the wrong information from the PBX which the phone might use.


But it must be coming from somewhere!


Is it the phone or the PBX? Where can I start looking?





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