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pbxNsip cdr tool


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does anyone uses pbxNsip cdr tool for their billing information, and other reports generated in the pbx?

i know that i have to install first such webservers(apache,iis) and database server(mysql) in order to use this cdr tool.

but I'm confused in installing cdr tool in a remote machine??? :( :( :(

ftp account and ftp server or hosting account is required also for installation...

in wiki, there is an explanation of how do it.

my question is how can i create my own ftp server(e.g inside a company) and website entitled only for cdr tool purposes

(e.g inside a company) ?or i have to have domain name registered?


thanks.. any suggestions and tutorials will be a great help?

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http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/CDR_Tool_Setup is the wiki page. It is a good tool to query the CDRs to see the activity on the extensions. For billing you would need to import a A-Z rate table so currently it is good for keeping track of how many total minutes an extension inbound/outbound over a period of time.


sir thanks...for the response.

i have already read about it in the wiki but

i am about to install the cdr tool in a remote server.

I am new to this thing, regarding ftp server/and having ftp account??

in the tutorial, when you are about to install the cdr tool in the

remote server, you must have a ftp server or hosting account in order

to view the complete cdr from pbx...

do i have to create my own ftp server and account ?or even a website?//

or just find a free website with free ftp server?


thanks once again and i hope you will answer my questions..

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