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Snom firmware warning


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Below is a mail we got from our snom supplier - just thought I would share it in case you guys haven't seen it


Start of forwarded message:




This FAQ concerns:

• Firmware V7.1.27 / 7.1.28

• snom3x0

Problem: Telephones running the above mentioned FW versions may, in rare cases, exhibit an error which will then render the phone inoperable.

Symptom: The phone reboots after a firmware update, but the process is not complete and the phone will hang as a result.

Cause: The phone reboots automatically and prematurely during the Erasing / Writing Flash process which is triggered by a firmware update.


1. Before the next firmware update, the Watchdog setting must be changed to OFF:

1. Web-Interface Main Menu: Select Advanced, Behavior, scroll down to Watchdog, select OFF. Scroll down and click on Save.

2. Confirm the: Apply Settings changes? Alert by clicking on Reboot, and confirming with Yes.

2. Now unplug the phone from the power source – either Power Adaptor or PoE.

3. Firmware Updates may now be performed as per normal.


How to recover a telephone that has been rendered inoperable by the above issue:

• A manual TFTP update must be performed.

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