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How to show a Trunk Name on a phone on an incoming call

Carlos Montemayor

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I bet someone has already dealt with this issue, but I could not find such a topic in the forum. My need is the following. My end user wants to have a few trunks so the operator can answer differently according to which trunk was dialed (as in a shared office). Setting a few trunks so people can dial different businesses is not a problem. The need is to help the operator disstinguish which trunk received the call, so she can answer properly.



My setup is as follows: An M9 base station with three extensions (one of them the operator) and hooked to a snom ONE SoHo.


Currently, the handset display shows the DID of the calling party. What I would love to have, is an ID of the trunk. The name of the trunk would be best since it would help the operator instantly.



Where and how do I do that? I bet it can be done.



Thanks in advance

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