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Interesting setup if anyone is interested


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We've recently completed a reasonable advanced and agressive setup to help a client..


We have a 10MB Fiber Trunk from Windstream Communications and the VoIP trunk originates on the PAETEC Broadsoft platform.


On the trunk they provide 5 static non routable IP addresses of our choosing, 10.x.x.x, 172.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x

These five IP addresses are the interface to our PBX... We have a PBX on 2 IP addresses and they have provisioned their SIP trunk to do out of band sip inquiries to the trunk.


In the event the primary PBX fails to respond "200" the next inbound call we be delivered to the second PBX on another trunk. They continue to poll the first PBX and when it reponds, the call resume on the primay PBX.


We also have an enterprise option, allowing the PBX's to deliver the originating Call ID to a number the call may be transferred too..


They have 24 x 7 emergency inbound calling and it's important the on-call folks see the original caller ID and the area codes they come from.


A note of interest the second PBX can be configured to place calls against the primary and secondary trunk simultaneously.


this environment creates a fully redundant system at the carrier environment as opposed to trying to make multiple servers failover and use the same trunk.


If you have clients with this level of requirements, please PM us and we can get you in touch with the consultant and companies that can make this happen. (We have no vested interest, but wanted to share the positive experience.)



Cheers - Andy

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