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Snom One Training


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Are there classes available either online or in some city that a person could attend to learn more about programming and using the Snom PBX software?



The reason I ask is......I had this IP phone system project dropped in my lap and frankly its kicking my ass. I am having multiple problems and I really have no way of fixing things I dont understand or even have access to log in and look around.


I have no access to the root directory on my Snom One Plus and I cannot update the firmware on my Sangoma A200 card. I am almost to the point that I will have to remove this system because we cannot be without phones and our customers cant get through to us on a consistent basis. the entire phone system locks up and callers cannot get through all they hear is a partial ring then immediate disconnect.



I would love to learn more about this pbx and I have a lot of questions since this is the first time I have ever set up an IP PBX.



Thanks for any information possible

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