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We'd like to Setup a calling-card account in order to be able to request a callback, without paying for the call to the system.


The Snomone-Manual describes exactly what we want to do (Page 179 - "Callback"): "The User calls into the system and request a callback. Although this mode requires more steps to establish the call, it may reduce telephone costs even further, as the call to the system does not get connected and the caller is not charged for the call."


For my understanding the Manual does not answer the question if the system accept ANY callback request, meaning, it will callback any number which makes a request-call. If only pre-registered callers are able to make a request-call, than the question is, where to enter this Caller-ID's.


We aren't able to set this up. When we call the calling-card-account, the call IS answered and we're requested to enter a PIN. Even in Domains, where the mobile-phone's number is recognized properly (Personal Virtual Assistant) the behaviour is the same.


Does anybody have tested, if the system really offers this functionality described in the Manual?

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