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Patton Analog and Mediatrix T1/E1 gateways

Carl Johnson

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I just wanted to provide an update on our longterm usage of Patton and Mediatrix gateways. If you should have any questions, I would be glad to provide my configs.


Patton (analog):


We have been using (10) Patton 4 port FXO gateways for over 1.5 years with wonderful luck. These units have the BEST echo canceling and jitter buffering I have ever used in an analog product .. which includes Mediatrix, Audiocodes, Grandstream, Vega, and MultiTech. Good CLI, odd web interface. A little more money but worth every penny.


Mediatrix (digitial T1/E1)


We have been using Mediatrix digital gateways for about 1 year on one model and 6 months on the other now with no trouble and outstanding audio. These units are of excellent quality and an offer an easy web interface that you can do just about anything with in terms of dialrules, transformations (e164, sip, etc) .. great product for not a lot of money ~ $3000US for 2 T1 ports.

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