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Mediatrix 4404 Firmware


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this is my first post. I have a Mediatrix 4408 Gateway with firmware Dgw and would like to upgrade to newest release. On the media5 wiki there is only documentation but no firmware download. I found a media5 support portal in the web where I need a login ... . Where can I download firmware or apply for a login to the support portal?




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Hello Kaminfeuer,


There is two to get the firmware that I know of.


1. Through your Mediatrix product provider. Your reseller should be able to get you the firmware.

2. Directly from the Support Portal.


If you need an access I suggest using the forms on those pages :





Also you can tell them their request page is broken :



Hope it helps !


If you don't get any answer within 2-3 days, PM me and I can maybe try to reach to them for you.

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Hello MediatrixUser,


thanks for your reply. I already tried to register for the support portal on the page you mentioned and also here: https://support.mediatrix.com/DownloadPlus/login.asp?I


After sending the form there is a message saying that a mail has been sent to me but I haven't received any mail yet. I will wait for another 2 days or so ...




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