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SIP Supplier evaluation from PBX CDR

Carlos Montemayor

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The value of being able to evaluate, or at least to have a yardstick to assess the effectiveness of a SIP Trunking supplier (for call termination) is rather obvious (or so I think), so I will not elaborate on that. There are a few parameters to do so and some of them we can rather easily get from the PBX. The ones that can give an idea and we can get rather easy are the following:


1) Average call duration

2) Estimated MOS of calls

3) ASR (Average Seizure Rate, which is just the percentage of completed calls of all those attempted)


The one that would be very useful and the ingredients to have it may already be there but I do not know how to get is the following:


4) NER (Network Efficiency Ratio). This one, is like ASR, but taking away the calls that did not complete because of reasons not accountable to the carrier (or SIP Trunking Call Termination Supplier). Those reasons to not complete a call that are not the responsibility of the supplier are:


1) The call was ringing, but no one answered

2) The recipient was busy

3) The receiving carrier answered with an error code (or recording) of their own


This NER would be the truer measure of the effectiveness of a call termination supplier. The percentage of successful calls terminated taking away the effect of those calls not terminated because of reasons out of the suppliers reach.

I bet that the PBX has the ingredients to estimate NER, or at least allow us to gather them so we can estimate it. I believe that all those things can be gathered from the JSON CDRs, but I do not know how. Currently, we have been successful getting sufficient information from JSON CDRs for billing purposes, but we are rather lost about getting other kind of information from it and I suppose we could.


Can we get guidance on these topic?



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