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snomONE sip providers to mediatrix c733 call router setting

David Su

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Dear Support

I have Mediatrix C733 8FXO sip provider to SnomONE. now call in and call out no problem.

but call out used display number is the first line(fxo1), if fxo1 busy, the call out display number is fxo2. .


i think the extension 2001 call out used FXO1.

extension 2002 call out used FXO2.


the used own unmber.


How to setup this function.


Thanks very much

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Dear David,

I'm not entirely sure of your setup, but if you are trying the following :

Extension 2001 -> SnomOne -> Mediatrix C733 -> PSTN

the display number on the line is set by the PSTN provider. You cannot set it on a call basis.

You can however control which calls go to which port/line on the Mediatrix, but if you do that the call could fail if the line is in use.

There are workaround for this, but unless you dedicate each line to an extension it will not work.

If you want to dedicate each fxo/line to an extension, I can probably help with the config of the Mediatrix


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Hi Members

i know can't changed display number.


Extension -> SnomOne -> "Sip Provider" -> Mediatrix C733 -> PSTN


i means is changed call router:


extension A call out used line 1

extension B call out used line 2



now the call router is default, if call out first used line 1.

i think changed this.

i don't know how to configure.

Thanks very much

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