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Outbound caller-id based on Dial map


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Hi all,


In my server i have only one extension and we are using multiple DID's from different countries and those DID's mapped to this single extension. My question is can i choose a outbound caller id (ANI) with the help of Dial map ? ie, if i make a call to usa then my outbound number (ANI) as my first number and if i make call to UK then ANI should be my second number. is it possible ?

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We have a similar request that requires a way for the caller to display different caller-ids:


A secretary works for a group of companies. She makes calls on behalf of 5-6 companies and she wants to change her caller-id on outbound calls based on which company represents each time. Can we do this somehow?


We offer a hosted service and the pbx server can only have one sip trunk with the sip proxy. We are the phone company as well and we can allow a customer to display multiple caller id's.




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