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Ferrari Electronic OfficeMaster Gate/Box


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Hi Andrep,


it should work with pbxnsip. The "OfficeMaster" was made for e.g. to use it with Microsoft Exchange2007 or OCS 2007, like the Microsoft certified Dialogic and AudioCodes GW's. I guess all function the same way. I used Dialogic with pbxnsip, and now an Mediant 1000 from AudioCodes. All of them are VoIP-Gateways, the only special is SIPoverTCP & diversion header support. None of them is aware if Microsoft or pbxnsip is talking to them.


If you can get one, I recommend an AudioCodes M1K, (BRI or PRI), depends on your needs. I like it, very flexible, scalable & reliable. Check out all modules they offer for it, FXO, FXS, two PowerSupply, etc.


And it works great with pbxnsip. :D My first thought when I had an M1K in my hands: "mmmh, what a fine piece of engineering art". My first impression was never deceived.


It needs more time to understand it & configure it, but it is worth the excessive concentration.


Best regards,


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