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I have a cs410 newly installed and I'm seeing a weird issue with the trunk registration.


First it has the wan and lan port behind a firewall with the ports opened up fully to the wan port which may be the issue. 1 ip office scenario. System is working just fine however if you reboot the box you do not get the ability to call in until you try to call out from the pbx. I have waited up to 5 minutes and nothing. It shows the trunk is live. I have asked teliax and they said they are not seeing anyhting coming from the device prior to my call out. Is there a setting anywhere for the reconnect delay or force reconnect? I also have one other off the subject issue where I can only add two auto attendants. It says no more license however I can add a hunt group or acd no problem. Is there a 2 max on auto attendants on the base 410?





Version: (Linux)

License Status: Appliance Key

License Duration: Permanent

Additional license information: Extensions: 8/32 Accounts: 15/40

Working Directory: /pbx

IP Addresses: eth1





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Opening Ports VS. Directing Ports VIA forwards may be the problem. Many Routers have limits on how much SPI data they can track. Forcing the UDP range of ports directly to the PBX is a more reliable means of port redirection. 1 to 1 natting on an extra IP address is even better. Logging SIP and TRUNK events when you dial back in prior to making that call out would be helpful. No log data might indicate the ITSP doesn't know the trunk is alive until it recieves a call.


(A wireshark capture goes a long way when you create the service ticket with the ITSP.)


Is Teliax configured as a GATEWAY or PROXY?

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