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  1. just reading up and saw the following from the microsoft site Server Message Block connections - Windows Server 2008 Foundation supports a maximum of 30 simultaneous inbound connections. This means that the total combined number of user accounts and devices that can connect to shares that are located on the server at any given time cannot exceed 30. Connection attempts that exceed the allowable 30 receive a message informing them that the server cannot accept any additional connections at that time. Guess this will be the biggest potential issue Thanks for all your help Ian
  2. what device are you using? Thanks Ian
  3. Hi just doing a new server install for a customer and they have supplied a server with Windows 2008 Server, Foundation Edition. Anyone using this or know of any issues using this? Thanks Ian
  4. We had to change the IP of the server that runs snomone, we updated the phones to connect to the new server IP and then every so often they seem to keep reverting back to the old server IP Thanks Ian
  5. ian rowan

    Gamma IP Auth

    I am trying to use the IP Auth service provided by gamma, I can call in without issue but when I dial out I get call rejected I spoke with the ITSP and they said the from header had the private IP and not the public address i changed the SIP IP Replacement list to "\public IP" and that allows me to call out but I still get no audio any one else used this service from Gamma?
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