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  1. FaxBack Inc's NET SatisFAXtion version 8.5 IP fax server integrates very well with PBXnSIP. There is an excellent "How To" in the FaxBack knowlege base here: http://kb.faxback.com/HOWTO+-+pbxnsip+Integration
  2. We are in trouble. Our formerly stable pbxnsip configuration is now giving us grief. We are running (Win32) with about 30 active extensions using snom 360 and 300 phones. Trunking is a T1 via an AudioCodes TP-260. Last week we opened the web interface to add a new extension. The new extension grabbed the Alias and settings of an existing extension. We then deleted the new extension, and the existing one and attempted to re-create them both. This time two other existing extensions were corrupted. The more changes we made, the more unexpected results showed up. Finally we gave up and did a complete restore from the previous night's backup of the pbx folder. Things were then stable again, and we didn't try to make any changes that day. Yesterday I created a new Trunk and Dial Plan for testing. A few minutes later we noticed that one person's phone wasn't working, and when we looked at the Account list, his extension had disappeared. We again did a complete restore from backup and restart. At this point, we are afraid to make any changes via the web interface, for fear of other unexpected results. I have a backup "pbx.tar" file that I can sent if that would help someone debug this problem.
  3. This is the second post I've seen indicating that this problem is solved in version 3. When is version 3 going to be released? Is there a beta? The latest version I see on the web site is
  4. We just switched providers and they block any call that doesn't have ANI that matches one of ours. Our providor is concerned about Caller-ID spoofing, and they won't relax this restriction. We are running version 2.1.10 Your documentation says: "If the call is redirected from another incoming call, it will use the original number." We can't forward calls to cell phones, or even manually transfer calls to outside numbers since the PBX always tries to use the ANI from the incoming call. We need a setting for "If the call is redirected from another incoming call, use the ANI for the the station doing the redirecting" Help!
  5. All our users have their mailbox configured to send voice mail messages direct to our email system as WAV attachments. What we would like is to have a system that will deliver both the WAV file, and also an email with the text of the message, converted by a speech recognition engine. I assumed I could find a service that would allow me to configure the PBX to send my WAV files to them, and they would return the converted text to my inbox. I can’t find such a service. Do you know of anyone integrating this capability with PBXNSIP?
  6. My system level setting is 4 hours. I clicked on the delete button and it disappeared.
  7. Here's a screen shot of the status screen: http://download.faxback.com/temp/pbxstatus.jpg The status screen shows an active call 20 hours after the start time indicated. I checked my T1 interface and there were no active ports, so there was actually no call going on. The snom telephone at this extension shows no line lights are no activity. What's going on?
  8. This is more of a general question. Where can I look on the forum to find the latest version? I thought was the latest. I did a forum search for "" and found nothing.
  9. I recently upgraded to version (Win32) and I'm looking at the updated features for Ad-hock conferencing. I've set up a conference extension that looks like this: I can enter the conference using either "Moderator" or "Participant" access codes. I can't see any differences between using the two codes from my testing. I looked on the Wiki and I can't find any new documentation for the Moderator access code. How does it work? What is the "Dialog Permissions" setting? Thank you.
  10. We are running version (Win32) When PBXnSIP sends an email with a voice mail WAV file attached, the body of the email includes several broken hyperlinks. Is there a way to control the content or formatting of the email template? How do I fix the broken links?
  11. Please be a little more explicit about where this setting is found. I've already looked everywhere. I'm running version Thank you.
  12. I call an extension that has a standard voice mail setup. After a few rings the call rolls to voice mail and the first prompt says; "There was no answer to your request. To receive a call back when the extension becomes available, press 1. To leave a message press 2." If I press 1 nothing happens. However, I don't even want this feature. I've read all through the manual and I can't figure out how to turn off this prompt. Help! Thanx.
  13. Thank you. I pulled the latest download link from this forum which was 1707. I see on the main download page that 1715 is the latest. I was confused.
  14. Last week we upgraded to 2.0.3 Build 1707 (Win32). Today for no apparent reason the phones stopped working. We turned on debug and found this in the logs: [3] 2007/09/14 10:02:31: DoS protection: Not accepting more calls We restarted the PBXnSIP service and an hour later it did the same thing. I see there is a brief comment in the Release Notes for 2.0.3 about Denial of Service being added. Our PBX is behind our firewall and NAT we don't see any anomolous traffic on our network. Help!
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