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  1. Is there no problems with the license because with the win32 evaluation copy (up to 10 ext) it doesn't work anymore .The link to 1090 ?
  2. Hello i ve got a snomone Office with centos 4.3 version and i want to install a 4.5 version but where is it possible to download those version
  3. Ok but the problem was not for the first 4 real key to the right of the phone but with virtuals keys
  4. hello i want to pick up a call with the virtual key i program the vitual key as blf and impossible to pick a up a call (snom 821 v8.7.3.10) I ve also try to configure the key value as 40@pbx.com|*87 the only way to pick up a call is to dial *8740
  5. I m happy to see that i m not alone with this problem (thanks skyplonk ) , but another problem with M9 and snom 300 , sudenly the call is cut at the begining i thought it was only with M9 so i put only 2 M9 with one base but it also happend with snom 300 and sometimes the client is with nobody or speaking with another. My client had those problems since 8 month and my client begins to no longer be patient.
  6. the agent said to me that he do nothing (he lost call and the customer speak with another person ) the incoming calls arrive via PATTON 4936 and outgoing call with SIP OVH the all configuration is : Epsilon Geminids (Win32) ON Intel Xeon 3110 3Ghz 1GO Ram XP PRO + PATTON 4638 + IP OVH + DLINK 100MO SWITCH + TPLINK ADSL ROUTER
  7. yes exactly the customer who was speaking with the M9 agent , was sudenly with an anothe r customer who was calling. and the same client said to me that sometimes 2 or 3 times a day customer are connected to other customer and not to the agent when they are calling see also my other post (2 clients speak together) the client configuration 12x M9 9.6.3a with 3 bases (they often have four simultaneous calls on the same base ) 14x 300 2 x 720 2 x 821 1 x 370 Snom one blue Epsilon Geminids (Win32) 800 call a day
  8. Hello another problem : i was in communication with my M9 (9.6.3) with A and sundunly nobody on the phone , so i call back A and he said to me i was speaking with B how it is possible ? Epsilon Geminids (Win32) + PATTON 4638 + IP OVH
  9. The operator (account 10) takes a call, then with the BLF key (account 50) she called account 50 to tell him customer "A" want to speak with him. Meanwhile a client "B" called account 10. The operator transferred customer "A" to account 50 by pressing 2 times transfer And it's "A" and "B" that are connected together, this happens 2 or 3 times a day, why? SNOM 370 ( and snom one blue Epsilon Geminids (
  10. I ve try the new version and i program the BLF as Monitor and speed dial and sometimes there is problem for doing a transfert. example : ext 40 (snom 320) answer , then click the 44 BLF button and then 2 times transfert and the call go on the mailbox of the 44 is it normal Tomorrow i try with BLF button in monitor speed dial and pick up i said to you if it's better
  11. with the last release the adress book works with all the entry
  12. With the last download i ve try to update 2 win xp pro and family directly with exe file and with the update with the xml link an the 2 way of updating SnomONE work.
  13. i check the system32 and i ve got iphlpapi.dll what wrong , no problem whith 4.5 1030 ? i ve just saw that you put a new version now the snomone service start again
  14. i ve tried on 2 installations : *xp familial sp3 * xp pro sp3 same problem error 1053 if you want i can let you a remote access
  15. My working directory is d:\snom\snomone :is it the screen shot
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