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  1. Hi there, I mistakenly put my e-mail address in for my username, which shows up all over the forum. Is it possible to change my username (i usually use hmayes or htmayes, anything along those lines is fine). Sorry for the trouble.

  2. I assume does not have 'localhost' as the alias. So, try adding @domain name for the calling device & called devices. Ex: 8024@ Make sure that is the domain name for 8024 & 8025.
  3. The star code (*93) is interfering with couple of other features. We want to see if we can remove that star code support. But before that we want to see who and how many are using this feature.
  4. Can I get a copy of the new Beta PAC to try out? Thank you!

  5. Hallo,

    I have a logfile info for you: Domain trunk Patton Gateway@pbx.company.com could not identify user for anonymous

  6. The called device is represented as sip:600@ in the message that you sent. Is is a domain on the PBX? If the domain is named differently (say, localhost or pbx.company.com), then please use that name.
  7. Can you post the actual request that PBX receives?
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