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  1. @Vodia PBXno old devices will not be support by GDMS, but any current active model works fine.
  2. I use both gaps and GDMS, i already have GDMS setup to work with vodia. the way i made it work, is you make a profile to point to your PBX, I have two profiles, since i have two PBX servers. add the phone to pbx, then apply the PBX pofile to the device in question. after a reboot it will point to the pbx and the pbx will provision it. i use this since i have vodia and another brand pbx, and i can easily switch between them.
  3. No, I was asking if we can add this to mobile, yes i do see it in the email, and the windows app, but not iOS App.
  4. Yes, there is not voicemail transcriptions in the iOS App. Also when we try to play VM, there is not option to play VM with speakerphone. It would be nice to make it operate like iOS native VM App, when u click on it, it will expand and show transcription and also have a speaker button to play VM via the speaker.
  5. Can we get voicemail transcription on the iOS app also a speaker button that will allow you to listen to voicemials on speakerphone.
  6. DO, works great, yes dont expect great support. what is the issue you are having?
  7. Under settings, there is an option to stop the app from ringing. YES, DND isnt going to work, that is on a system level, not device level.
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