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  1. yep tried that. I had to do the translation thing - I don't recall having turned on translations in the past but I may have..
  2. This works for any that have this issue: URL PBXIP/reg_translation.htm Turn the enabling editing or text to Yes and click Save. Then turn enabling editing and text to No and click save. Check the Graph page to see if the alignment is correct.
  3. Using the User Page Control, what are the toggle boxes for Extensions to show? Also, if you select User Page Field Control the extensions to show area disappears and you need to re-select the User Page Control link to get it back.
  4. might need to check the graphs?
  5. not sure if there is any relationship .. rebooting the PBX does not re-register the Grandstream phones. The HTek registers, the Grandstream show as registered on the phones (green account) but cannot dial or be dialled. I have to reboot them. V69.3 is the same. As far as a user would be aware the phones are ok. Rebooting V68 seems to be ok.
  6. I assume its the same setting as the Ring Groups. Under the Miscellaneous setting.
  7. I have both manual and auto service flags on V68.0.30 and can see none in the windows app.
  8. They are provisioned on the V68 and work fine, then an update to V69 and they don't. Which logs would you like? It's almost like a busy tone when I dial them. I have *21 to use as setting the exchange divert and the call log shows it is using (or at least attempting to) the trunk?
  9. V69.0.4 Grandstream (GXP2135 and GXP2170) cannot dial * codes on V69, but can dial them when I revert to V68... I am trying to test hotdesking *70 and *21 (that we set exchange diverts with). HTek phones are ok to dial * codes on V69. Anything I need to change on the Grandstream phones to work on V69?
  10. What does this mean? What user front end? ... I can obviously dial the SF, but we could always do that.
  11. This will be a global setting? Or can it be set per tenant?
  12. Is it possible for the admin to lock down user settings on the Windows app? i.e. stop access to the cell phone settings.
  13. Link incorrect.. in https://doc.vodia.com/docs/extensions Cell phone numbers For the cell phone settings, there is a separate article.
  14. Is service flag management able to be ported to V68? V69 seems to have it, but we are not in a position to move to 69 for the immediate future. Apps are being used quite frequently and setting/unsetting a night switch is a pretty basic function to expect ...
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