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  1. will they list 67.0.5 in the 67.0 release notes? I get a bit nervous being at the cutting edge on a production system... unless it fixes a specific problem. This is a cloud server on Linux, if that makes any difference? The main things I am concerned with are the brand modifications I have made to templates of both phone and admin pages as well as the multiple clients. I can save the domains one by one ... this is still manageable, what web pages do I need to back up?
  2. it may be ok now, no changes made on the Vodia. It may be how a Grandstream UCM sends faxes .... it keeps failing for that but other faxes are ok.
  3. Thanks, will resetting the certificates have any disruptive impact on the PBX? 67.0.5 looks to be a beta firmware? This is a PBX in production, I wont be able to run beta firmware on it.
  4. I upgraded to 67.0.4 and issue remains. What issue was this resolved in?
  5. not my ticket, just adding to it with my similar scenario. Is there a single click option to pickup a call? Typing *87 each time is clunky.
  6. seems to cycle between on and off. Had to set back to
  7. this seems to happen on any desktop app? Zoiper does the same. The current people on the call hears the ringing quite loudly in their ear as well.. A desk phone works normally and you get the call waiting 'beeps' and the current caller hears nothing.
  8. I could not get this to work. PBX 67.0.4 desktop app 3.5.5. Pressing *87 I get 'this feature is not available at this time'. . Nothing would work unitl I set Enable call pickup from extension BLF in the hunt group (just that setting). It's a clunky way to do it, is there any way to make use of the calls in domain block?
  9. I am on 67.0.4 and same behaviour. Ringing is audible to everyone currently on the call. Desktop app 3.5.5. I expected there to be call waiting tones....
  10. just tried that and no change. Divert offsite and drops instantly. Works on the same extension from other softphones and desk phones. This is specific to the Vodia desk and mobile apps.
  11. thanks. I have modified web templates to our brand and custom messages - do you know if the update impacts that at all?
  12. no change. I setup PCAP tracing and it looks like 2 way T38 traffic. It seems to be almost working ... there is a pdf file (but not a complete one and it isn't emailed. It is just sitting in recordings... 0914-05CB.pcap msg323.pdf
  13. Thanks, the answer is yes to all. Attached log of an inbound fax call. inbound fax 2 email call.docx
  14. is there a setting I need to look at for external transfer of calls using the vodia app? Zoiper and other softphones and standard desk phones work on the same extension. I can transfer to internal calls but if I try an external transfer the call is dropped immediately.
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