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  1. ringing on any browser or desktop app is not working. Windows app: ringer path fixed
  2. IOS 14.8 still the same, something in the IOS update has caused some sort of breakdown. Can this be resolved? ..... or even acknowledged as an issue?
  3. I can send a fax from the browser, but not the desktop app. However, the pdf I get in the fax send email cannot be opened - says no pages.
  4. I am having a lot of problems with v68.0.1 , I can’t log off in the browser or desktop app. It won’t play ringing, I can’t use *94 to turn off recording, no extensions or park bays show, they did in 68.0 but I can’t load that version anymore?
  5. is this a difficult thing to implement? Night switching would seem to be a standard PBX function, it would be nice to be able to manage it remotely. I can turn it on and off, but cant see the current state.
  6. I can get a Zoho popup if I dial out from the vodia app or browser. I cant manage the call from Zoho and cant dial out from it. When I dial in, the Vodia rings, but nothing from Zoho. I have emailed our local distributor but not yet raised a ticket. I will do so now. # ticket created - Ticket# 486721
  7. vodia is now in the list, I am getting the same as above. Green tick, no in or out with Zoho. In Wireshark I can see a DNS request for phonebridge.zoho.com and getting the right IP back. There then looks to be a flow of traffic TCP and TLS v1.3 to/from the IP and my PC. But nothing when I call in or try to dial out. The config steps seem pretty simple, not a lot to do. What part is missing?
  8. V68.0.1 now rings .... but there are no other users or park keys in the desktop app or browser, nor can I log out ?? .... or go back to V68.0 - it seems to have gone?
  9. It seemed I could complete he setup in the web browser but NOT the desktop app. Once I had the auth code it then showed in the desktop app. However, I anno make and receive calls into/from Zoho. I assume tat is because of the FDQN All our tenants are FDQN's, for those using Zoho is this entered in the trusted domains in Zoho? There is no documentation on this step ...
  10. this looks to be desktop app specific. It works in a browser...
  11. it is blurred on screen, there is no entry of any user data before this point. Apparently it is because zoho requires a fqd to connect. I am waiting on some documentation on it..
  12. I can login to zoho ... I have spoken with our local distributer and it seems to be domain related. Zoho expect a FQD to initiate the connection..?
  13. I cant get past this point ... what can I check for this? This is on both V68 and V67.0.4
  14. Hi, On either V68 or 67.0.4 When I go to get the auth code I get stuck with below. I followed all instruction (as far as I could tell from) https://doc.vodia.com/docs/zoho-crm
  15. where is this menu? I don't seem to have that option.
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