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  1. I don't have anything like that. I don't think service provider can or will want to supply it. I am continuing to test with present setup where dropped call is forwarded to other office phone in hope to "catch it" there
  2. It didn't. I lost a call 20 minutes ago. Only way i discovered it was to log into voip.ms activity screen and there is a call I never received! Now I will apply different tacics recommended by other person. After ringing timeout I programmed system to forward call to accounting phone. We'll see will that work
  3. Today I called voip.ms and after chat with tech I transferred account to use chicago.voip.ms server. So far I am getting calls, no red light on the phone ... I am knocking on the wood that it holds on
  4. Yes, I apologize for error in post's name. Tried to fix it but I can't, only Ops can do it, please do, looks bad. Here are my settings; Advanced SIP Settings Explicit MWI Subscription Enabled Explicit MWI Timeout Send MAC Address in REGISTER Message Enabled Send Line Number in REGISTER Message Enabled Session Timer T1 Timer =0 T2 Timer =0 Transaction Timer = 4000 Transport Protocol = UDP Registration Failed Retry Timer = 1800 Registration Timeout Retry Timer = 120 Registration Renewal Timer = 30 BLF Subscription Period =3600 RTP Settings RTP Port = 3000 Basic Codecs (G.711 u-Law, G.711 a-Law, G.729) Enabled Force RFC2833 Out-of-Band DTMF Enabled Customized Codec Preference List DTMF Method Silence Suppression Enabled Basic SIP Network Settings Proxy Server = Proxy Port = 5060 Backup Proxy Server = Backup Proxy Port = 5060 Outbound Proxy Server Outbound Proxy Port Registrar Server = Registrar Port = 5060 Backup Registrar Server Backup Registrar Port Registration Period = 300 Zeros where there is nothing. Router is Bell Fibe multifunctional router for Internet, TV, phone. It is made by Sagemcom USA. I can check model downstairs if needed. I don't see anything like SIP ALG or something. Only settings available are: DHCP Port-Forwarding DMZ UPnP DynDNS Under port forwarding I have some settings: UDP: 5060 to UDP: 10001-20000 to Nothing else. I guess Bell is not allowing much flexibility with router settings
  5. You are wrong about that one. I asked every caller that I manage to call back and get response from says same thing. Call progresses normally, caller presses 1 to get sales line, there is a music on hold for duration of about 25 seconds while my phone suppose to ring and after that voice says that "sales is busy, leave the message". What they do, hang up! I would say that 1 person out of 15-20 that call in will want to leave the message. If caller is on-line long enough I get e-mail with caller ID. I call immediately back. As for forwarding to accounting line, I didn't think of that. Thank you. I will try to program it tomorrow, maybe I will know how.
  6. snom ONE, thank you for input. I am using hosted PBX, that is voip.ms service. We are using their Toronto servers, we are in oakville, 60km away (if it matters at all). I will try what you suggested, must add that I almost never have problems calling out and be on line for longer time. Inbound calls are not getting through part doesn't work. Bandwidth should not be a problem, have 15/10 feed.
  7. Hi everybody, I am growing really desperate now. I registered on Aastra forum for help but they are taking their sweet time to approve so i can post something. Anyway, I am salesman, running my own company and whole day I sit by the phone and computer and answer incoming calls and e-mails. I am using 2 x 480i phones here in this office and one in Florida when I go there. For provider I am using voip.ms and after years of struggling with trixbox and FreePBX and what not I was fairly happy for maybe year and half with voip.ms service. When you call my number voice mail answers and customer can select ext 1 (sales) and ext 2 (accounting). We are located in Oakville, ON. So 2 months ago I replaced Cogeco Internet service (10/1) with Bell Fibe (15/10). After that I noticed that I am not receiving all the calls there should ring my phone. It is very hard to say when things went awry but result is that somebody calls, dials 1 to get sales line, nothing happens at my end, caller usually hungs up frustrated without leaving a voice mail. I know that I am missing a calls because if person holds on for more than 10-15 seconds voip.ms server sends an e-mail with caller ID data, time how long call lasted and voice mail message (if any). Sometimes, very rarely I hear only very short ring and display shows shortly caller ID, I pickup the phone immediately but there is no connection. So basically: > phone is not ringing and callers think that there is nobody here to answer. I am actually here from 8:00 till 19:00 every day except weekends > sometimes it rings, I pickup the line, start talking and it cuts me off after first few seconds > me calling out is not a problem, only incoming calls are problem * I tried to fix this problem by chatting with voip.ms support. They suggested to remove everything from SIP settings and entering same data into LINE 1 settings. I did and have same results, dropped calls. * I have 2 independent DSL Internet feeds here and I switched phone to other one with no improvements. * One person suggested to change registration times from 15 to 120 or 180. I did, experienced often red light comes on the phone but no change in dropped calls frequency. I can't continue like this. Business is suffering. Not answering phone calls is quick way to go under. Please help if somebody has idea what is going on Thank you, regards, Zack
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