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  1. is there a way to remove the intro into voicemail that says "the extension was not available. press 1 for callback or 2 to leave a message". when i call an extension directly and they dont pickup it always does that...then when i leave a message the normal recorded greeting is played. i noticed a checkbox to set Mailbox explanation prompt to always or not on personal recording in domain settings...but it seems this only works when dialing the extension from an AA or ACD...dialing directly does not remove it.
  2. hey matt! love your contributions and videos by the way..and you were spot on about calling this a uc client instead of an attendant console...boy a real attendant console would be FAR more extensive! queue management, orbits, agent routing..haha. again, agreed it is a step in the right direction. only thing is i don't see where they mention on the priority of this project...it is somewhat important to me because this can actually make/break it for my clients...the selling point on this feature alone makes my clients want to jump in. i did remember reading somewhere on a vote for the development of this but i believe it was old news from pbxnsip. we need to try to weed out the mixed information on the two...it is blended everywhere and sometimes there is no mention if the solution was for pbxnsip or snom one...anyways.. i still haven't seen any visual voicemail on the client. maybe it wasn't in your video or i just overlooked it? (currently i (with my team) am working on an XML visual voicemail for the snom 3xx and 8xx series phones. the 7xx will be implemented at a later date. i will release it on site when it is fully functioning. i will be meshing this into the default autoprovision using the 8.4.35 fw.)
  3. just a couple things. i am gonna go heavy but at the same time i may be ignorant on some of the mechanics of snom one/attendant console integration. testing on 4 blues installed at diff locations ~40 phones at each... client requests: 1 - multiple domain level presence (i know, might be taxing) 2 - xml global phonebook (domain level privs) 3 - hardphone dial (i don't care if this even passes the calls via web url) 4 - incoming call notification (my clients are always looking at their screen and a popup with caller ID and a picture of a face is easier to identify than a phone number..pick up handset to answer) and to stretch this out even more, one touch recording on calls to the local machine using sip headers and using the ethernet switch on the phone as a tap. a little birdie told me that you can set the ethernet ports to work in a non-switched state. of course i understand this will tangle the QoS. i know this may be a bit but the first 3 are trivially necessary. it would be even better if you can integrate the recording cdr in the agents section to include all recorded calls from the local machine and can pull all the recordings to a local or remote area for archiving. if not, then i can write my own. and WAY WAY out there is maybe a small "virtual" lcd screen with DSS keys around it to be able to write custom XML pages to create things like visual voicemail and what not. that would really be cool. just some ideas that i have had while banging my head into a wall to get snom one to be as seamless as possible to my clients. so far, i have had to hand write most of the functionality needed and using third party apps like VOP. also, you should put version #s on the download page, 'cause i don't know if i am downloading a new version or one that i did a couple weeks ago...also, maybe we can stem away from the m9 functionality in the attendant console (autoprovis/tftp) and make it act more like a 370 or 821? just my 2 cents.
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