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  1. Well keeping the number of CDRs left on the PBX low is definitely something we can accomplish. Is there a way to have the PBX clean up old recordings (e.g. remove recordings older than 48 hours). I already copy them to an ftp server anyway so I don't mind.
  2. Thanks! Upgrading a production system is always tough but "a man's got to do...". Any ideas about my other 2 questions: Is the 5 minutes to restart normal? How could we cut it down? Is it OK that I'm running 64bit CentOS but pbxctrl reports CentOS32? 
  3. We had problems with calls not connecting or getting no audio today and when I examined the logs I show many serious errors like these: [1] ... Could not open cdr....bin for writing [1] ... Port ...: Could not allocate sockets! [0] ... UDP(IPv4): Could not open socket (EMFILE) lsof | grep ^pbxctrl | wc -l showed more that 8160 lines. Looking at the output of lsof I noticed that 99% of the lines are like this: COMMAND PID TID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME pbxctrl 1280 1307 root 1005u IPv6 10107481 0t0 UDP *:49689 I wonder if so many open files(UDP sockets) is normal. It doesn't seem to be so I restarted pbxctrl and the problems went away (after a painful 5 minutes). I'm monitoring the output of `lsof | grep ^pbxctrl | wc -l` and it shows me anywhere from 1200 to 1500 open files (with moderate traffic). I've raised my soft & hard limit of open files from 1024 & 4096 to 4000 & 8000 with prlimit -n -p`pidof pbxctrl` --nofile=4000:8000 Some basic facts about my system: Software-Version: 60.0.3 (CentOS32) Build Date: May 1 2018 04:42:47 uname -a Linux ... x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Questions: Have we hit a bug or is such an amount of open sockets normal? If it's normal what's the recommended configuration for CentOS? Is the 5 minutes to restart normal? How could we cut it down? Is it OK that I'm running 64bit CentOS but pbxctrl reports CentOS32?
  4. Thanks for the beta. Unfortunately we didn't get it right with the first try. Here are the results of our tests. We are sending more details and traces in the support mail. We observe that both forwarded and non-forwarded calls have 2 levels of history-info. This is definetely not OK. In the case of the non forwarded call as stated above our peer agrements mandate that we transmit no history-info at all. In the case of the forwarded call where A calls B and is forwarded to C all was fine in v60. However in v61.1 we have a regression: the history-info is still OK but the P-Asserted-Identity field is wrong: it has the B-number instead of the A-number.
  5. We frequently need to find the domain of a DID . Before v60 we would open the DID management and search within the page for the DID (using the built in browser search). But since v60 this is not possible because it presents the DIDs separated in multiple pages. In our case we have far too many pages to visit them all one-by-one. Could you please add a search function in DID Management.
  6. BTW during these tests I noticed that restarting the pbxctrl still takes quite a lot of time (~2mins). Shouldn't v60 and 61 be restarting a lot faster?
  7. Update: it works fine in v60 and v61 in chrome but not in firefox. And indeed you need to aim for the play triangle.
  8. CentOS is perfect for me -- will check it out and let you know.
  9. The link reads 60.1, points to 60.0 but maybe it should be 61.0. Can you please be clear about a) what version you want me to check and b) whether I have to hit a particular item when using that version.
  10. I would be happy even with check box "[ ] don't include history info if history is empty" but you'll be the judge. Can you implement anything within the next few days? A workaround for either v.60 or v.61 maybe (ugly ones are fine too)?
  11. OK @Supportyou tricked me with the link. The visible text of the link and the underlying URL point to different versions. So I was checking v60.0.3 until now. Will check the correct one soon.
  12. In v60 & v61 when History info is enabled in a trunk the system sends the "History:" field in all calls, even those that are not forwarded where history info doesn't make sense. In order to comply with the interconnection agreements we have with major national carriers the History Info should only be present in forwarded calls. This is serious because they reject such calls.
  13. After upgrading to v.60 we can't play the mailbox greetings from the web UI. Nothing happens like we didn't even clicked the button. Other audio files play just fine (e.g. recorded voice mails). We also tried v.61 with no luck.
  14. I haven't tried to implemented it yet chrispopp -- it will become a priority in about 2 1/2 months :-) Since it interests me (and maybe others) I wouldn't mind looking at the issues you're facing in this forum. BTW it's 16:01:17 UTC now that I'm posting and I'm seeing a big warning above my web-editor: "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". This may add more lag to the conversation. Do you see the same warning when posting?
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