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  1. hi, Unfortunately I do not find the exact path, can not you please try you and give me the exact path? tnx damiano
  2. hi, maybe I explained myself wrong, I would need to know the exact path where the templates are placed in Vodia. I know the path of the PBX folder, so I need the path of the templates inside the /usr/local/pbx/ ..... folder
  3. hi, I'm talking about the path on Linux PBX/..
  4. If you can do a test you would like to know the result to adjust me accordingly
  5. hi, I can't understand which is the basic and custom template path (Linux). I would like to add them manually but I do not know the route tnx, Damiano
  6. as for modifying to *97 seems to me to be the most appropriate solution. about the behavior of the template for Yealink should check it, maybe I'm wrong. With 2 previous versions of Yealink it worked for me, with last fw it doesn't work. Please copy me a couple of examples that you enter in "Yealink General"? I make a comparison with my template. Thanks Damiano
  7. hello, I normally enter the customizations for Yealink Templates Phones in the "Yealink General" window, and all phones regularly take these custom parameters. I have upgraded my Yealink phones to version and now it doesn't work anymore (even if I enter the customizations in Yealink General, these parameters don't get them from the Yealink phone). Now to customize the Yealink template I have to edit the file "yealink_common.txt". Is this a known error? Is there a solution? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also found a bug (I think), basic Vodia sets the listening code of the voicemail = voice_mail.number.1 = {account} Then pressing the voicemail key from extension 215, for example, will dial 215, so it's an error. To fix it I tried to insert: voice_mail.number.1 = *97 The problem is that the * character doesn't take him in charge, in fact if for example imposed (only for test): voice_mail.number.1 = 333 At this point, by pressing the voicemail key, the telephone sends 333. This shows that it is currently impossible to set *97 for voicemail listening. Solution?
  8. Thank you, as soon as I can, I'll try and catch you up, Unfortunately Yealink phone configuration side shows this: ### For security, the following parameters with password haven't been display in this file. ###account.1.password = ###static.auto_provision.server.password = ###ldap.password = I think it was more convenient if Vodia in the webpage /reg_ports.htm had 2 more options: LDAP Credentials (mandatory and complex): - user = - password = This way it would be easier for everyone and would be useful for every phone vendor (provisioning aside)
  9. Thank you for your answer, I looked at what the Yealink phone receives but unfortunately I can not see in clear the pswd. The web pswd works, but since I wanted to create a manual template for Yealink phones, it becomes uncomfortable on every phone to modify the LDAP pswd. I find it strange that there can be no way to read what the Vodia server sends as LDAP pswd setting.
  10. there are no answers to my two questions?
  11. so, summarizing, if they supply an ok phone, the pswd is automatically given by the Vodia server. If instead they approve a phone manually I have not well understood which pswd LDAP I have to use. Second question was, where do I set the LDAP settings on the Vodia Server?
  12. hi, I do not understand where you set the settings LDAP server side Vodia, especially I do not understand where you set the pswd LDAP
  13. Okay I look forward to future instructions about the question of the Raspberry version, am I using latest building?
  14. the new APP on Android is released today if I'm not mistaken, I did not think it was just in tests, sorry, I'm waiting for instructions Also Vodia Version: 63.0.5 on Raspberry is latest release?
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