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  1. Hello,

    does anyone here uses Digital Ocean for hosting? We recently signed up and were fairly pleased with performance. The problem is that for a week now we cannot get an answer from their tech support regarding the critical issue. With a short email they informed us that our email resembles to SPAM and they turned off the SMTP service. We have tried daily to get in touch by responding to the original ticket, so far there was no response. This solution was recommended by Vodia I just want to warn anyone deciding to go that route, if you need tech support from Digital Ocean you may waiting for a long time for an answer while your service is severely affected.


  2. I totally agree. Unfortunately with this model you don't have a choice, they come loaded with on of their 10.X.X firmware versions which breaks this function. Testing each release, currently 8 or 9, is, at least for me, total waste of time since you have no idea what else might be broken. So who ever is watching be careful when upgrading these phones.


  3. Hello all,

    I was hoping someone has resolved the issue we are facing? We are running hosted PBX version 63.0.4. Trying to figure out which firmware version to use for correct functions on the phone. For example on phone firmware user cannot forward the VM to another extension. Reading through all rel;ease notes on SNOM site is a tedious process and doesn't give us much help. Has anyone discovered the correct phone firmware which will support this function? Any help is much appreciated.



  4. So I did enabled PBX as a service in firewall by issuing following command:

    sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-service=pbxctrl --permanent

    and seeing that it is in there by doing:


    sudo firewall-cmd --get-services

    . We even opened http port, still no access to PBX. If we disable firewall, no problem. Are there any other ports, services we need to open to gain access?

    Has any one installed PBX on CentOS 7? If they have can they share config the file with the rest of us? Thanks.


  5. Hello,

    we are installing new server on CentOS 7. Currently firewall is blocking Access to the PBX from the outside. I tried adding the service to the firewall using:

    sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-service=pbctrl

    but am getting the following error

    Error: INVALID_SERVICE: pbxctrl

    tried with pbx instead pbxctrl as well, same error.

    Has anyone configured firewall in CentOS 7? If they have can they share their commands to allow access to PBX? Documentation doesn't have much on the topic. Thank you.



  6. Thank you for your reply. I tried that but that doesn't solve the problem either since one of the recipients doesn't have an extension on the domain, he is not a part of the hunt group, he is the boss and wants to receive an email when no one in the office doesn't answer the call. The other recipient wants to keep their VM separate from this scenario.  So the only way I knew to do is to create "shared" extension/ VM. At this point we just registered a phone to that extension, recorded the greeting and for now it is working. I just don't remember not being able to record the message from another extension in the domain. 

  7. I don't think so. This is the scenario. The calls are coming into a hunt group which consists of four extensions. If no one answers the call they want shared voice mail to pickup and take a message. That message would be delivered to two email addresses. That is all they want, we just couldn't record the greeting for that VM from any of their phones. 

  8. I am trying to setup a shared mail box/extension for example ext. 350. This extension doesn't have any phones associated with it, the sole purpose is to receive the VM and distribute it  to two people in organization, for example, ext.  300 and 310. Extension 300 is trying to record a greeting on 350 by dialing *98350, after inputing the PIN they get a message "this feature is not available". Ext 300 has admin privileges so it should be able to do pretty much anything on the domain. I can temporary provision the phone to register to 350 but that seems cumbersome. What are we missing?

  9. We upgraded to 60.1 hosted few days ago. I just noticed that address book under domain set up is gone. We have new client who wants to set up a large address book and put them on speed dial with *XXXX. I am wondering how to do this since address book is gone and there is not enough buttons on the phones?



  10. Hello,

    I am trying to solve a problem for a customer who needs to distinguish internal from external calls with different ringtones. I have tried the following topic:

    but that doesn't seem to work. We are running hosted PBX 5.4.0 and all phones have the latest firmware from SNOM Trying this on one of the phones prodiuces no ring tone what so ever. Can someone help?

  11. Hello,


    On a slow morning netstat shows about 220 tls sockets and I am including text file of active unix domain sockets, which I don't know how to interpret.


    Also, trying to find where on the settings for the number of sockets, is that under Settings--->Network---->Ports? If it is I see the following:


    LDAP Port (TCP, StartTLS): 389

    LDAP Port (TLS): 2346




  12. Hello all,


    we are running hosted PBX on CentOS currently with about 75 domains and 360 extensions on it. For 90% of our phones we use SNOM phones which we auto provision. All these phones are registering via TLS except the few fax ATA's and some wireless Incom phones. The problem we run in to is that after server is running for a while ( 3 months or less ) auto provisioning runs in to problems. The problem is that there are no sockets available for the phone to register, sometimes the phone eventually gets registered but it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. The only thing that seems to work to fix the problem is to reboot the server. Is there a way to increase the number of sockets available for registration in order to avoid rebooting the server every few months? Thanks,



  13. We are currently running hosted PBX on a physical Cent OS machine with approximately Our current load is somewhere between 30-40 concurrent calls at peak hours and 60 domains. We have now reached the point when this service is extremely critical and we simply have to have redundancy. Our plan is to move current configuration to a VM and provide redundancy by mirroring two machines in real time . Our question is what is recommended Hardware,( CPU cores, RAM etc). configuration for such a load provided that we are planning to grow to somewhere around 100 concurrent calls during peak hours.


    Any suggestions-recommendations would be much appreciated.



  14. Hello all. I know I made this request one before. But here is a feature request for us who use who provide managed hosted PBX service. It would be extremely helpful if one of the screens can show us all MAC addresses currently on the PBX, much like DID management. I remember that I was not the only one who though this would be a good feature to have. So please developers, administrators, Christian, can this feature request be included in next release? Thank you for your consideration!



  15. It would be nice to have screen similar to DID management where you can see all MAC addresses assigned to extensions in a domain. There are instances where we temporarily assign a phone to a domain until we get a permanent phone. Or for testing purposes create an extension and assign a MAC address to it. If we forget which domain it was in and forget to delete it but want to reuse the phone somewhere else we cannot because that MAC address is elsewhere. It would be nice to know where it is or e able to search for it...


    Is something like this possible?

  16. Hello,



    we are setting up a new customer who is going to have a fairly significant incoming call volume. Many of their sales people are not always at their desks, show room floor, garage etc. They want incoming calls to go to departmental hunt groups where there will be about 10 phones ringing simultaneously when the call comes in. After someone has picked that call they want to be able to put the caller on hold, page the person being called and then park the call somewhere. The person being paged should be able to go to any phone in the store and pick the call. If they don't do it in specific time table the person who answered original call should retrieve the call back and inform the client that their agent is not available. After that the caller can be transferred to the agent's VM. The obvious choice for this was a call parking. The problem is they say when they have 7 incoming calls. How will the person being paged know which parked call is for them if several calls are on hold? We are going to be using Snom 720 models for this so there is plenty of buttons available. Should I use call park or CO emulation or something else?



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