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  1. shapa

    5.3 - license is not working anymore?

    OK, thank you for the clarification. You just lost the client (paying yearly a few thousand $), migrating to 3cx, much cheaper and functional.
  2. Upgraded to 5.3.0 - license is not working anymore. What is the reason?
  3. One small add-on: 600 is not enough sometimes, >600 (like 660s) works Yes, I made a change manually and it works now. iOS clients are able to receive calls for a whole day...
  4. So, "default" is not working at all - iOS client stopping to complain, but all incoming calls are not going to iOS application (neither foreground nor background). Please add 600s ASAP as we've got a lot of users who is complaining about this issue (iOS SIP) It should be just a few seconds for you to "fix" it. Thanks in advance. Screenshot is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kicnpegzg886f6i/Screenshot%202015-05-17%2014.15.46.jpg?dl=0 p.s. manual change in pbx.xml seems to work (<nat_tcp2>600</nat_tcp2), but it should be supported officially
  5. iOS applications requiring for backgrounding support at least 600s refresh time. Right now it is not possible to set (maximum available setting is 180s), only "default" settings works, but we'd like to be able to control refresh period (default == client control, right?)
  6. shapa

    Exclude domain from a Loopback

    Some workaround I found: 1) create a "inter-domain" trunk with GW address, set SIP Caller-ID Presentation as a P-Asserted. 2) rewrite number in a dialplan with a correct destination domain, i.e. : "90;Inter-Domain;;7xxx;"sip:\1@rdata.com;user=phone";;false" Loopback (even with rewritten destination) doesn't work, but "dummy" trunk works.
  7. Some interesting issue. We've got some important clients who'd like to call different domains (company branches) without any prefixes to add (this is mandatory) and be able to return call. The issue is that it is not possible to specify loopback lookup order or include / exclude domains. One customer used a lot of overlapping numbers and unfortunately PBX is looking up for a number at this domain before others. How to workaround this situation? Ideally, some "local group" functionality should be implemented - i.e. domains added to a group are only included in a loopback. Something like VRF instance on a router. Other option is to be able to specify destination domain in a dialplan, it will also work fine. Configurable lookup order is also a solution (but not the best)
  8. shapa


    Yes, all assumptions are correct. The issue is also confirmed by other PBX users - no sound with WebRTC calls. Yes, mic use is allowed - Chrome asking about that.
  9. shapa


    Nothing special, except preload.js:578 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/.
  10. shapa


    Mac Chrome: Version 41.0.2272.53 beta (64-bit) Windows Chrome: Version 40.0.2214.111 m Neither of them works, full silence.
  11. shapa


    It works now, thank you! Another issue - no audio with browser calls (chrome, firefox) It used to work on 5.2.4
  12. shapa


    5.2.5a - the same issue.
  13. shapa


    We've got exactly the same issue - static noise. Extremely bad software release without proper QA. It's not only happens with a "hold" operation, but second line call, etc. All phones (software clients, snom, grandstream, cisco, yealink, etc). The problem is at the PBX side, 100%. Should be fixed ASAP.
  14. shapa


    Additionally, provisioning parameters are insecure. Should be changed to: port 5061 tls sips It works fine in case of manual adjustment
  15. shapa


    Ok, provisioning works (tested WAN) fine. LDAP address book doesn't work Settings seems to be OK, but no contacts shown. Snom phones works fine. How to fix? https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn7g4dbi73awc3i/Screenshot%202014-07-04%2017.35.22.png ... OK, realized there is a different app for LDAP contacts - "LDAP Book". It works fine.