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  1. Here is the issue we are running into: - We have a number that is meant to be specifically for faxes - but it gets voice calls on because it is listed in phone directories incorrectly Currently the fax number is programmed into a specific extension in the PBX (ie ext has account number 499 561-xxx-bbb) for the fax machine which is attached to the PBX using a cisco SPA112 gateway which works fine, the calls come in from the same sip provider (ie same trunk) as our main voice dedicated lines What we are trying to do is put an auto attendant on there so for people that call the line b
  2. We are currently running Coma Berenicids Our extensions are in the 4xx range, our VM prefix is 3 In older versions (4.3) of the PBX we could setup BLF buttons on our phones that would have a value of say 3405 and if we were on a call and they wanted voicemail for extension 405 we could either hit transfer and hit the button that was set to 3405 or we could hit transfer, type 3405 and hit check, that worked without problems, we have also tried setting this as a "speeddial" button and it does similar to the blf option with this version (and i belive the version before it)
  3. We have snom-one setup in key emulation with a bunch of 320 phones and an m9 cordless On the 320's we have the top 4 buttons programmed as shared lines on our trunk (co1 - co4) If we pickup a call on the m9 and put it on hold we can pick it back up from the m9 that put it on hold or from any of the 320's by hitting the appropriate line button However, if we put a call on hold from a 320 we cant pick it back up from the m9 Is there any sort of star code or magic account we can use to pick the call back up on the m9 that we can just program into the address book on the phone to a
  4. Is this update compatible with a snom One Hosted license?? We have a hosting license and have been on 4.0 for quite a while and want to upgrade but havent heard anything on the hosted side of what used to be pbxnsip since snom took over....
  5. Hello, We are using the multi-tennat version of PBXnSIP ( (now snomone) We were having a number of users complain that they were too loud to the other party or were getting echos when calling PTSN numbers so we used the snom_320_custom.xml file and over-rode the hand-set mic gain on all of the phones attached to the system, that worked great and took care of the volume and echo issues we were having. Now we have a new customer using the system who is a very soft-spoken person (almost sounds like wispering even talking in-person) and we are getting complaints that peop
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