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  1. When will the Mac-Version be online?
  2. orson


    I donĀ“t know what exactly you mean. As I said, I cannot login to the phones via http as they are stuck with loading file.
  3. orson


    The server can be found and configured via web-interface (http://192.168.1.xxx). I opened the extensions for provisioning, but they still stuck with the message "Loading file:". Another problem is, that the phones won't boot even with ethernet disconnected. So I have no chance to reset them nor to access them directly via web-interface. Fortunately I have 2 snom m9 - these both are not affected and work fine.
  4. orson


    After updating to 5.0.8 all my snom 370s are stuck with message "Loading file:". EDIT: Downgrading to 8.0.4 did not help. The 370s phones dont boot, even without network connection. Upgrade to 5.0.9 seems to stuck since 30 minutes too (Internet connection is working). I am lost at the moment. EDIT: alright, the 5.0.9 seems to be not ready for mac until now. So I upgraded to 5.0.8 again. Logfile says: [5] 2013/04/26 12:52:07: Web Server: File snom_3xx_fw_status.xml not found [5] 2013/04/26 12:52:11: Web Server: File snom_3xx_fw_snom370.xml not found That should be the reason that the phones are stuck while loading. Where are those files gone?
  5. I see the technical logic. I can workaround that setting only one phone to record missed calls, the others not. But I wonder why the extensions recording missed calls does not get an email when missing a call from a hunt group. And the logic behind the blinking message LED is still not clear to me.
  6. Now I found a possible hint for a solution: If an incoming call to the hunt group is unanswered, the snom shows first nothing. Going to "missed calls" in the phone makes the message LED on. Going to Status/ Info shows the internal message "8 calls". Deleting this message makes the LED going off. Going to "missed calls" again, makes the LED on again. Going to stays/ info the internal message "8 calls" is there again. Deleting both, the message and the missed calls, makes the LED blink. It seems to me as if the internal message (summing up the missed calls) causes the confusion in the phone. Any idea how to fix that?
  7. I have set up a small system for evaluation and try to configure everything as needed. Setup: snom one v5 running on OSX, 2 extensions snom 370 in a hunt group. When the incoming call for the hunt group is not answered, the snom 370s show the missed call and the message LED lights steady. Now the problem: when I manually delete the missed call in the snom 370, the message LED starts blinking and there is no way to stop that. In the status messages I find 1 call. No chance to delete that. Once deleted, it comes back as soon as I leave the menu. And the LED keeps blinking. Only workaround until now: set the "Record missed call" in the webinterface of the snoms to off. But then I cannot the missed calls on the phones. What I want is: when the incomming call is unanswered, I want to find this call and the LED on both phones. When the entry is deleted by either one phone the entry and LED should disappear on the other phone too. Am I wrong or the system?
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