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  1. Look at your image "Additional License information": Trunks: 4/0. Activate (save) the license again: Administrator => Settings => General => License. Check "Additional License information" again.
  2. Hi David, If you press button no. 3 below the display you will see call information.
  3. When DND is activated on the phone (button or starcode), it is visible at the user webinterface immediately. When DND is deactivated on the phone (button or starcode), it is visible (updated) at the user webinterface after 120 sec. When DND is activated on in the webinterface it is not updated/visible at the phone at all. Yes, we use PnP for the phones. We have 3 systems with this behavior (programmed using the same "master").
  4. We do remote service/configuration for customers via web-interface and now we can not make backup. Please configure the backup button again (put in some warning text about instability during backup). Thank you in advance.
  5. How to make backup of the configuration in V 5.2.1 (Windows 8) ? The Configuration menu has disappeared in Maintenance.
  6. We have V 5.2.1 running on Windows 8 computer. When DND is activated (webinterface or snom 720) there is a delay at several minutes (app. 120 sec.) before it is shown on colleagues BLF buttons.
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