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  1. We use Vista business with office 2007. We have installed the tapi client. When we call with the tapi. Some times the connection is broken after 30 sec or 2 minutes. When we don't use the tapi client the phone call won't break. Is there something we can change about this behavor. Thanks
  2. We have enabled the option Send email on status change: on the trunk. How long must de trunk not be registered/failed before there will be an e-mail send? We have tried to disconnect the the trunk for 5 secondes. There was no e-mail send. What is the time out for this e-mail? We whant to get an e-mail when the trunk is not connected or connected again. So we can take action on the problem / divered the calls. greetings, Alexander van den Hoek
  3. We are using 2 Snom 320phone in an agent group. We we call the number the phones don't start ringing ad the same time. There is an delay for about 2 seconds form the time that phone 1 starts ringing for phone 2. Is there somting we can do about this? We use version Greetings, Alexander van den Hoek.
  4. We use Vista business with outlook 2007. We have installed TAPI SP 1.1 and configured the tapi client from this manual http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/TAPI_Service_Provider We have extension 901 with webpassword 1234 domain = localhost ip= and extension 902 with webpassword 1234 domain = localhost ip= I can log in to pbxnsip web console with the above settings. When i want to dial van outlook and i select an contact and slect op dail nothing happens, when i lay down the hook on 1 machine i get an error message device is busy. when i use dailer i also get no responce on my phones. Please can you give me some directions or tips. greetings, Alexander van den Hoek
  5. Thanks removing all the e-mail from the spool directory was the solution. Problem solved.
  6. If I check te logs I see this error message: 2008/04/28 10:31:02: SMTP: Cannot resolve sbsserver.saueraa.nl I have changed under "settings -> loggin" the smtp server to the correct adress and under Domains -> settings also But i still see sbsserver.saueraa.nl as the smtp server and not smtp.solcon.nl. I restared the service but no diverance. 6] 2008/04/28 10:48:48: Sending CDR email to <administrator@saueraa.nl> [3] 2008/04/28 10:48:48: SMTP: Cannot resolve sbsserver.saueraa.nl What am i doing wrong? Greetings, Alexander.
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