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  1. I make others tests. With link following : pbx/remote_call.htm?user=41@pbx.company.com&dest=9876543210&auth=41@pbx.company.com:MyExtWebPassword it's work correctly in Chrome. In Internet Explorer (11), authentification automatic works not... I get dialog box for log in.. I can log with 41@pbx.company.com and password. The call runs.
  2. Hello.. it works if I use that, but the objectif is to have an interoperability with CRM/. For use click to call,in this software, I need to call via URL.
  3. it works not. If " &auth=myextwebpassword" is web password of extension, "secret" must be replaced by what? I tried with : pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440@pbx.company.com%3Asecret pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440%3Asecret pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440@pbx.company.com:secret pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440@pbx.company.com%3AmyExtSipPassword pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440@pbx.company.com pbx.company.com/remote_call.htm?user=440&dest=9786854321&auth=myextwebpassword@440 Tests with pbx.company.com = IP address SnomOne in IE and Chrome. but none works. I see also what: AddressIpPBX/remote_call.htm?user=40&dest=9786854321 => I get dialog box for log on AddressIpPBX:80 but I cannot log with -Extension (40) +WebPassword -Extension (40) +SipPassword -Extension (40@pbx.company.com) +WebPassword -Extension (40@pbx.company.com) +SipPassword - admin + WebPassword I don't understand :-/ On http://AddressIpPBX, I log with extension or admin correctly
  4. Hello, I need help for use fonction click to call via url http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Click_to_Dial I would make calls in use links with authentification inside.. But I don't understand the link for auth... http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=123%40domain1.com&dest=123456789&auth=123%40domain1.com%3Asecret If my account is "301" and my password "password" , I put auth=301@pbx.company.com:password full link: Is it ok? because that don't work Thanks for your reply
  5. Hello I wait always for update this SnomOne
  6. Ok. perfect.. I have already opened a ticket and I waited a return. (Ticket #1216) I will to specify in the ticket when I opened the access in SSH. Phones are unregistered one after the other. A reboot of server corrected the problem. All phones are registered now. I did not think of making this restart during my investigations with the first phone faulty. Thank for your help
  7. I have a second phone Snom in Not registered now.... Registration Impossible.. I don't understand.. I am obliged to replace them by telephones Cisco and there that works...
  8. it's a SnomOne Enterprise appliance.. with version 5.0.3. I have also open post because I cannot update this appliance but I had not answer :-/ http://forum.snomone.com/index.php/topic/7749-update-snomone-enterprise-503/
  9. Hello, I meet problem with Snom 710. This telephone worked correctly to there. Now it is impossible to register.. I have reset, applied patch In log of phone, I see : 25/2/2014 15:26:25 [NOTICE] PHN: SIP: final transport error: 1000001 -> tls: 25/2/2014 15:26:25 [ERROR ] PHN: SIP: transport error 1000001: generating fake 597 In log of Snomone, I see: [3] 2014/02/25 15:25:46: Received SUBSCRIBE for plug and play. SIP multicast support is set to handle plug and play. [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:48: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [7] 2014/02/25 15:25:48: HTTP: Error finding snom710-0004137421B5.htm, Send back 404 Not Found to [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:48: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:49: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:49: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:50: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [5] 2014/02/25 15:25:50: HTTP Alert(2, 0) [5] 2014/02/25 15:26:03: Identify trunk (line match) 1 Can you help me. thanks.
  10. I found what cut the call. In System settings, Performance : Maximum call Duration=30s. I spent it to 180, and it's OK. I would see if I still meet this problem on other calls
  11. Hello. Here is the return on this issue. -If I call since mobile phone to home number, I get mailbox after 30 secondes -If I call since office (Snom710 / 720 / 760 or Gigaset C610), that ring since 30 seconds then "Session Canceled". I get no mailbox... -If I call since office to home, and if the line is unavailable (ex: already in call), here i get mailbox directly. I join pcap files for call with Session Canceled.. I see nothing inside... Thank for your help pcap.zip
  12. I'll try to reproduce the problem. That should not be difficult. We have this problem to the office and at the customer. Several times a day. if PCAP can help me.
  13. Sorry for delay. I'll try to capture tracing and analyse it. For the phone, I can do it. But for the trunk..? At office, if I run trace PCAP in admin menu, I cannot download pcap file. I get: File trace.pcap not found. Please ask your system administrator to check the log file. I have nothing in log for PCAP. For the concerned customer, I have not "PCAP" menu in Maintenance of Admin page... version is 5.1.3. I don't understand.
  14. It's applicance. with CentOS http://snom-france.snomone.fr/snomchannel.fr/?p=333 How to check startup script? via SSH? What are login and pass?
  15. Hello, I cannot update software on SnomOne Enterprise v5.0.3. I tried with Url of xml for version 5.1.3 / 5.1.2 / 5.1.0 / 5.0.4 In log, I see, update finished after restart. I restart but I am always on version 5.0.3 It's normal? Thanks for your reply
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