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  1. Hello and thankyour for your input. Unfortunately without the NAT support the SIP trunk will register and be able to recieve incomming calls but then you can't dial out. Regards BlueWolf
  2. SIP Trunk Registration Problems when running more than 1 trunk. I having problems trying to get two SIP trunks to register together and stay registered. Setup Info Gateway Sonicwall NSA 2400. Nat Enabled YES Operating System: RedHat Enterprise Server RHEL5 PBXnSIP Version: Licence status Permanent ISP: TPG ITSP: Mytel License Details We purchased the office25 pack from Alloy Computer Products It’s supposed to support 2 Trunks by default plus we have purchased an additional trunk because we intend to run 3. We have installed the new license over the top of the old one as instructed. Problem Scenario When running just 1 trunk the system seems reasonably stable. When I configure the additional trunk (Same ITSP) the 2nd trunk registers but and after a few seconds then the first trunk drops it’s registration and will NOT re-register. So far I have tried: 1) The usual rebooting procedure but it doesn’t help. 2) Re-Installed the system from scratch. 3) Other ITSPs IE: Engin, Comvergence and ISPhone 4) Checked with the ITSP. There are no restrictions on multiple SIP registrations from the same Public IP. 5) Various routers without firewall enabled 6) Configured a second LAN adapter with a Public address and I STILL get the same results. Please can anybody help ???
  3. Hello every one. Here is another PBXnSIP problem. PBXnSIP support has never actually helped fix any problem so far, so im hoping that other unfortunate system users / builders can help. System Config Details Operating System. Redhat Enterprise Server REL 5.0 PBXnSIP version. 3.0 Scenario. Incoming calls go to an Agent Group and into the queue. Announcements and music on hold work OK The queue passes callers through to the agent in the correct order OK. Note: there is only (1) agent Problem Description If the "agent" is not attending the phone and the call is past to that extension the phone rings continiousley IE: non stop and WILL NOT GO TO VOICEMAIL. Things I have tried including: 1) From the "Agent Group" Level. A) If the caller already waited longer than (s) >>> set to 5 seconds Redirect to the destination >>> EG: 73 Result: agents phone keeps ringing. the call does not redirect. Comment: Would not be a good fix any way as all calls in the queue would be redirected/ 2) From the Extension level in "Redirection" A) Call foward on no answer to : EG 73 Call foward no ansertime out: EG 5 seconds. Result: agents phone keeps ringing. the call does not redirect. NOTES: If a system extension calls that agent direct IE: not VIA the QUEUE, calls go to voicemail as normal. After hours: All calls go directly to that same agents extension IE: not VIA the queue. Calls go to voicemail as normal. Commment: I have been in IT for 20 yaers and have never seen a product (Sold by a reputable wholesaler) with as may bugs and as little support for resellers as PBXnSIP. It seems that this application has some powerfull features but it is extreamly weak when it comes to basic features, stability and functionality.
  4. Sorry looks like i am in the wrong forum by accident. As you can see from the problem description It a linux deployment. Also i should have mentioned that its running on a dedicated DSL+ connection so there is more than enough bandwith. It happens even with only one call in progress and only on inbound calls. Out bound calls are not effected. What do you think i should try next. Regards BlueWolf
  5. Hi All S.O.S. Im in big trouble. Its seems as soon as i fix one problem i find another Scenario description: Config Details: 1) OS = REDHAT Rel5.0 server 2) PBXnSIP Version 3.0 3) ITSP = Mytel 4) Inbound calls go to a Hunt Group that rings several extensions before going to an auto attendant. Symptoms: I doesn't happen every time but probably 8.5 out of 10. It seams to only happen with inbound calls. The caller hears a scratchy clicking noise over the top of the ring back tone. Eventually the auto attendant kicks in and the noise is still there. If the call is answered the noise is still there. It makes the call unusable. The way it is now the system is totaly usless for inbound calls. The wholesaler "Alloy Computer Products" can't help. I would love to get the bugs out of this system so i can sell more systems but it looks hopless. Please help.... PBXnSIP support, PBXnSIP users, Anybody....... Regards BlueWolf
  6. As i mentioned in my previous threads, our test network environment is the same as with the equivelent Windows deploymet in which there are no problems. Also the firewall on the linux box is disabled. Please can we open some dialog so that we can get to the problem faster ??? This email ping pong could take weeks. Regards BlueWolf
  7. Hello PBXnSIP system developers. I am a PBXnSIP reseller and find your Linux version frustrating to work with. As Linux drivers are almost impossible to find for newer mother boards we are forced to go with the latest REDHAT versions for support reasons. We are running REDHAT Enterprise Linux 5 Version 2.6.13 E15PAE on a genuine Intel Mother Board. (Model number DQ965GF). This is our preferred operating system for software based PBX systems and has proven reliable with products like TrixBox and Asterisk. We can configure PBXnSIP to work OK on a windows platform indicating that we have a reasonable understanding of your products requirements. However your Linux version is causing us great problems. The fact that our windows deployment of PBXnSIP works in our test environment proves that it is not a network issue. Some of the problems we experience include: 1) Can’t navigate through voicemail from handset. We are able to call the voice message bank OK but PBXnSIP ignores key entries on the handset. (similar to DTMF problem) 2) Inbound calls do not connect with designated Auto attendant or extension. It behaves as if there is no SIP server registered with the ITSP but the PBXnSIP trunk shows a registered state. 3) We can call out but there is no audio in either direction when answered. 4) We can call between extensions but there is no audio in either direction when answered. I find that your REDHAT installation documentation lacks detail. We would like to continue selling your product but find it more trouble than its worth. We need your help urgently. Regards BlueWolf
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