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  1. netpro78

    61.1 Blacklist

    My trunks are all hardcoded to IPs, and they are working fine after 62.0 however my phones that started to have issues after upgrading to 62.0 are all using DNS if that could be part of the issue. Also I saw some comments that 62.0 would have options to set the dynamic blacklist at either the IP, or the Port level. I do not see that option, as well as I believe a related feature was a ratelimit on the emails that it generates, and I do not see those options either.
  2. netpro78

    61.1 Blacklist

    I upgraded to 62.0 to pickup the fixes where the PBX would accidentally blacklist trunk IPs, however after the upgrade it seems to be blacklisting phones that have never had an issue registering in the past (and their configs have not changed). If I whitelist their IPs, they can successfully register. In some cases I noticed that the phone has successfully registered, however the IP was then blacklisted after the fact when subscribing to a BLF.
  3. netpro78

    Spam Scoring

    I am glad you pointed that option out. I was completely confused by "pretend to be busy" playing a recording. My mindset is that is if a phone is actually busy, and the voicemail is enabled, it would go directly there, and if the mailbox was disabled, it would send a 486 back. The message confused me since I cannot think of a situation where it would normally play it. Honestly I think the following 4 Spam options would be the most logical, and cover any need: -Send to Voicemail -Send Busy (sends 486, or 500 depending on trunk setting) -Redirect (and give a field to redirect to) -Ask for name
  4. netpro78

    RTP Stream source

    VLC would run on some type of computer. I am looking for a dedicated piece of hardware (like an ATA)
  5. netpro78

    Spam Scoring

    You have it when it hits the huntgroup (you can redirect directly to a mailbox), but a direct dial call to an extension has no way to send a spam call directly to voicemail.
  6. netpro78

    Spam Scoring

    Are there any plans to address the options above that do the same thing? TrueCNAM even recommends that one of the options would send the call directly to voicemail.
  7. netpro78

    RTP Stream source

    Thanks for the solicitation, however my customer is in the audio industry, and wants their own live feed also available as hold music. They do not want to waste/maintain a PC on site just for this purpose, and would rather have a device that takes their audio output, and converts it to a RTP stream for the phone system
  8. netpro78

    RTP Stream source

    I believe you are misunderstanding. I do not want a file converter, I want a physical piece of hardware that will take a 600 ohm analog audio line input, and convert it to a Unicast RTP stream that is compatible with the PBX. Think of an ATA, however instead of an FXS port, it would have an audio input.
  9. netpro78

    61.1 Blacklist

    After upgrading to 61.1 I have started getting notifications of IPs being blacklisted for unsuccessful authentication attempts. The IPs are from my trunks, and when I look at the attached capture, it is an Invite, and not an authentication attempt.
  10. netpro78

    RTP Stream source

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a dedicated piece of hardware to create an RTP stream to the PBX to be used for music on hold? I do not want to dedicate a computer just for streaming.
  11. netpro78

    Delete Confirmation

    I was wondering if it is possible to have the PBX confirm voicemail deletions (such as pressing a second key to confirm), or having a way to recover deleted messages within X number of hours after deletion.
  12. netpro78

    ANI problem after upgrade to 61.1

    For some reason it did not work when I copy pasted everything above, however: from-trunk:from acd-ani ext-ani trunk-prefix dom-ani trunk-ani Worked just fine
  13. Prior to upgrading to 61.1 when a call was forwarded, or a cell phone was included on the incoming call, the recipient would receive the ANI of the original caller. After the upgrade the ANI that is being received is from the extension that is doing the forwarding. I have tried all sorts of custom trunk headers, and in the past using "Based on Incoming Call" worked properly, now I cannot seem to find a combination to replicate this lost feature.
  14. netpro78

    Graphics not loading

    With the latest version of your website going live, it appears that you have accidentally deleted images that the PBX uses in the emails it generates for example: https://vodia.com/img/welcomeheader.jpg
  15. netpro78

    Shared Mailbox Access

    Good catch, this specific machine was still on the Aug 27 build.