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  1. On another vodia 0.58 with a Snom 760. The "snom_models-000413710AF9.xml" file is almost empty : And this is also the case for the other vodia with the Snom 821, the snom_models-0004134B415E.xml is empty.
  2. Hello, On a Vodia 0.58, I can not provision a Snom 821 Log Snom 821 : It seems that the SSL certificate is a problem, whereas it is normally valid. reagrds
  3. Hello On a Vodia 0.58, I can not provision a htek UC840. Log UC840 : [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC GetFile: Fail!!! [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC get cfg001fc11b70da from FQDN_PBX:80 Fail [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] GetXmlMacCfgFileByHTTP: Config file path cfg001fc11b70da.xml, line 3090 [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Need Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX, IP [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX, IP [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] CfgUpgradeOpen(Protocol HTTP, Port 80, Filename cfg001fc11b70da.xml) [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HttpCOpen - AF_INET (4) [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] Image_1 Read Head: len = 512 [06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HttpCOpen: HTTP Command Size 157 bytes, Command: GET /cfg001fc11b70da.xml HTTP/1.1 Host: FQDN_PBX User-Agent: Htek UC840 00:1f:c1:1b:70:da Accept: */* Connection: Keep-Alive Yet since a web browser the cfg001fc11b70da.xml file is accessible and looks full. regards
  4. mikl


    Thanks You. It works now.
  5. mikl


    Hello, I have a problem on the user portal since the 0.57 update => 0.58 On Chrome : http://i.imgur.com/pXjZPvt.png On Firefox : http://i.imgur.com/wmJlIDk.png Also, in the Extensions menu there is no "delete" button : http://i.imgur.com/YI6MQkJ.png regards
  6. Hello, I can not set up a Beronet SIP gateway BRI line on a remote vodia. We tried several configurations, unsuccessfully. SIP Request: REGISTER sip:ipbx.moncentrex.com;transport=udp From: <sip:5555@ipbx.moncentrex.com>;tag=c0BpBKyNZXB4H To: <sip:5555@ipbx.moncentrex.com> this is correct but the PBX answers SIP Status: 404 Not Found | How do you configure it ? Regards
  7. Hello In the PBX User portal, on an incoming call there is no ringtone. Tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, latest versions, same problem. Tested with another PC, same problem.
  8. Hello, What is the Hardware Requirements for Vodia on Debian with 80 phones - 40 calls ? Regards
  9. Hello, On Vodia version 0.57, the led alert voice message does not light up on a UC840 htek or a provisioned 926.
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