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  1. am also having a hard time figuring out whether WebRTC is supported in WKWebViews in iOS 11. From my research, it is clear that WebRTC is supported on Safari (which is built on top of WebKit) in iOS 11! However it seems like one of the following scenarios could be true: WebKit itself supports WebRTC. Safari is built on top of WebKit and uses WebKit to support WebRTC. WKWebView (which is built on top of WebKit) does not support WebRTC. WebKit itself does not support WebRTC. Safari supports WebRTC. Some clarification or pointers to relevant documentation that I might have missed would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi ThereJust to add i have also noticed this behaviour on some systems with call pick up *20* and also barge in.Have not found a solution other than restarting all services.Cheers
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