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CDR/Prefix code


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We have a customer who wishes to answer a call and divert it to a given destination. They want the ability to view the CDR logs and cross-reference the forwarded leg of the call to a particular account code.


Rather than doing a custom system built on Asterisk I was wondering if it could be done with PBXnSIP. One idea I considered was using a prefix code and some dial-plan manipulation.




The number she wants to call is 0111 111111 and wants it billed to client 894. She would answer the call and divert it to **894*0111111111 - the dial plan would strip the **894* and the call would go out as normal.


My question is, would the CDR log the original URI or the amended URI after the dial-plan manipulation\normalization. If this isn't possible - is there another way of doing this, or is their account-code like functionality.


Suggestions appreciated.

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